Multispectral Colour Sensing Point-of-Care Testing Device for CKD Monitoring

Study Lead

Lauren Stephens

McMaster University


My name is Lauren Stephens and I’m a Biomedical and Electrical engineer at McMaster University entering my final year of studies, which involves completing a capstone project. My group and I are proposing a point-of-care device that uses advanced colour sensors to measure creatinine levels in the urine to improve Chronic Kidney Disease monitoring. The cost, complexity, and required training associated with current CKD monitoring procedures and equipment present significant obstacles to effective treatment within healthcare systems, adding strain to already burdened facilities and healthcare personnel. Our device involves a straightforward operating procedure where users collect urine samples, introduce appropriate reagents and necessary dilutions, and analyze colour differences using the sensor readings. Preliminary testing has confirmed that the prototype can effectively categorize colour shifts in urine-coloured food colouring solutions.

Participant Commitment

We are looking for a stakeholder/mentor for our project, which would involve virtually meeting with us a couple times from January 2024 to April 2024 to assess our design and provide feedback.


We hope to speak with someone familiar with CKD who can guide our design process and determine what features would benefit a point-of-care device. This could be someone with CKD, or someone who regularly interacts with individuals with CKD (family members, healthcare workers, involved with the Kidney Foundation, etc.)

Type of Participation



Chronic Kidney Disease


All provinces and territories

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