Member, BC Renal Hemodialysis Committee


The BC Renal Hemodialysis Committee works to enable optimal care for patients who receive hemodialysis therapy in BC. It involves developing and facilitating the implementation of a common, person-centred and cost-effective approach to hemodialysis care across the province. Committee membership includes patient partners, clinical, administrative and technology leaders from provincial and regional health authorities and BC Renal. Members work together by sharing their perspectives to enhance strategic planning and improvement of hemodialysis care. Patient partners are instrumental in guiding future work as we strive to optimize quality of life for patients living with chronic kidney disease.

Level of engagement: Collaborate: BC Renal will work together with all members in decision making, developing alternatives and solutions, and include your recommendations into each decision as much as possible.


  • Meetings every 2 months; 1.5 hours each via tele- or web-conference (usually on Wednesdays, 9:30-11 a.m.) or in-person (half day) during typical work day hours (9 a.m. to 5 p.m.)
  • First meeting will be held in September 2021; term membership will be for three years with possibility of extension.

Compensation: Expenses for travel and accommodation, if needed, will be reimbursed.

RSVP questions:

Please respond to the following questions by email ( or phone (604-875-7340):

  1. Why are you interested in being on this committee?
  2. What skills and expertise would you bring to this committee?
  3. Which renal program are/ were you or your family member in (i.e., Fraser Health, Interior Health, Island Health, Northern Health, Providence Health Care, or Vancouver Coastal Health)?


  • Person (patients or family caregivers) who are currently receiving hemodialysis treatment at a hospital-based or community dialysis unit in BC
  • Experience working and sharing perspectives with diverse groups of people
  • A strong interest in partnering and working together with health professionals to improve the quality of life of people living with chronic kidney disease

We are hoping to recruit diverse voices and welcome patient partners of various ages, genders, kidney disease experiences, and cultural backgrounds from across the province.

Type of Participation

Patient Partnership


Chronic Kidney Disease




Quality of Life


British Columbia

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