Is care person-centered for chronic kidney disease and multimorbidity in Alberta?

Study Lead

Dr. Maoliosa Donald

University of Calgary


What is the study about?

We conducted a survey to measure the level of integrated and coordinated care in Alberta. We found that there are some gaps. We’d like to learn more about these gaps and successes from those with lived experience (e.g., adults with kidney disease and other chronic conditions, caregivers, and health care providers).

Why is this study being conducted?

Patients in Canada with chronic kidney disease and those that care for them have identified person-centered integrated care as a research priority area, but there is little research on this type of care for patients with mild to moderate chronic kidney disease and other health conditions. By better understanding the gaps in kidney care coordination in Alberta, we hope to be able to identify appropriate solutions or supports in future phases of our research.

How will the study be completed?

You would be invited to a 30-minute interview (online or over the telephone) to share your experience. We would also send you a virtual demographic questionnaire. This survey will ask participants located in Alberta to describe their experience with kidney care.

Participant commitment

Participants are invited to complete a 30-minute interview with questions about their experience with kidney care in Alberta. They will also be invited to complete a short demographic questionnaire. All questions are optional. Those who are interested can contact the study coordinator at or 403-210-8820. At the end of the study, each participant will receive a $50 gift card.


All participants must live in Alberta and be over the age of 18.

We invite adults with early stage chronic kidney disease and other health conditions to participate. Adults who have received dialysis or a kidney transplant are not eligible to complete this survey.

We also invite caregivers for adults with early stage chronic kidney disease and other health conditions to participate.

Type of Participation



Chronic Kidney Disease


Quality of Life



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