Development of an app for individuals receiving in-centre hemodialysis

Study Lead

Dr. Stephanie Thompson & Dr. Clara Bohm


We are developing an app for people who are receiving in-centre hemodialysis. We are doing this in partnership with people receiving hemodialysis and their caregivers. The goal of the app is to help those receiving in-center hemodialysis live, feel, and be well. It will be “peer-to-peer”, which means we are collaborating with people living with kidney disease to make an app for people living with kidney disease.

We are looking for people like you or “patient partners” to co-create this app with us and provide input on content and presentation.

What is required of me?

The time commitment is approximately 4 hours per month. The role of a patient partner for this project is to collaborate with researchers about the content of the app and provide their personal insights or “patient pearls” about their experience that may be helpful for others. Communication will be primarily via virtual meetings and email. Patient partners will be provided with a gift card to reimburse the time provided.

This project is funded by Triple I (a Can-SOLVE CKD research project).



Adults (18+) receiving in-centre hemodialysis.

Type of Participation

Patient Partnership


Chronic Kidney Disease




Quality of Life


All provinces and territories

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