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Cognition in Chronic Kidney Disease: A Delphi study to identify stakeholder perspectives on relevant research priorities – Round 2

Cognition (the ability to remember, learn new things, focus, and/or make everyday life decisions) has been identified as a top research priority for people with Chronic Kidney Disease.

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Routine patient surveys for symptom management may not be as helpful as intended

Kidney patients are often asked by their care providers to complete a survey to help assess their current health status, but new data suggests that this approach may not necessarily enhance communication between patients and their care providers.

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The need for increased awareness of kidney guidelines and treatments among family physicians

A recent analysis shows that more effort may be needed to inform and support family physicians in helping to identify kidney patients at high risk of kidney failure, and to offer these patients appropriate treatment options early on to delay disease progression.

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The benefits of meaningful partnerships between researchers and patient partners

For patient partners, relationship-building and partnerships were critical for mitigating concerns about issues such as tokenism. As well, they described an increasing appreciation of having their voices recognized.

By |2023-04-28T18:53:07+00:00March 24, 2023|Research Results|0 Comments
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